the Consulate of the Republic of Cameroon
Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region

Visa Application Procedure
Please have all the documents ready before you initiate your Visa Application.
1. Visa Application initiation form
After completing the spread sheet, save it as [your surname] [firstname] VisaApplication.xlsx
Initiate Visa Application by email.
Send an email to info[at] with the subject Visa Application for [your full name] and copy an alternate email that is on a different server from the email you are sending it from.
If our email does not reach your primary email, at least you have a backup.
Attach [your surname] [firstname] VisaApplication.xlsx

If you are not a resident of Hong Kong, please indicate if you would like to collect your visa in person or by mail.,, users will not be receiving a reply from us.
IF the alternate email is on the same domain as the primary email, you may not be receiving a reply from us.

DO NOT submit any documents listed below.

Visa Applications requires at least the following documentation:
2. Pictures (electronic copy of your digital photo from photo store) Please read Photo Specifications carefully.

Scanned the following on single A4 size, in colour 300dpi. JPG only PLEASE DO NOT Crop [item 3 & 4] Sample
3. Identification Document of your current domicile [note: your passport is your travel document. We require a second photo identification. This is your HKID card or the ID card of the current domicile.]
4. Passport [please also include your previous Visa, if you have one]

5. Airline return tickets, itinerary will not be accepted (All eTickets must be original file sent to you by your travel agent or airline)
For submission of reservation with fictitious itinerary (flight itinerary/eticket issued without intention to be used), your passport will be surrendered to the nearest mission of the country of issuance for the reason of submitting a Reservation with fictitious itinerary/flight coupon.
6. If you are applying for a tourist visa, please submit a leave letter from your employer or school principal. (scanned colour copy 300dpi on A4. JPG only PLEASE DO NOT Crop)
7. If you are applying for a business visa, please submit a letter of sponsorship; correspondence concerning proposed trip.(scanned colour copy 300dpi on A4. JPG only PLEASE DO NOT Crop)
8. Fee: HKD 780.00 Paid in advance subject to other charges.

Rush & Urgent Option: depending on availability of personnel.
note that other fees may apply for non-residents of Hong Kong, SAR

Cameroon requires a visa for most passports holders, if you do not require one, we will inform you after you initiate your Visa Application on item 1 above.

Fees paid are NON-refundable

Visa issuance is strictly by appointment only.

Visa Application made by travel agents will not be processed.
Applications must be completed at least 10 working days before the travel date. 15 working days for non-residents of Hong Kong SAR.

Appointments will only be granted after receipt of Visa Application, fees and relevant documents electronically. We do not accept other means of application.

If relevant documents are submitted properly, you would only need to show up for your appointment with your Hong Kong ID Card and passport

If you failed to be present at your visa issuance appointment on time with your passport and HKID card (or Identity Document) your visa application will be terminated. A new application including fees will have to be made again.
You may reschedule your visa issuance appointment before 4pm on the working day prior to your appointment.

Please note: In certain cases, you may be required to provide additional documents. Application requirements can and do occasionally change on a case by case basis.

Warning: The letter of sponsorship can be provided by the host OR your employer. NO FEE is chargeable for this letter.